Our alcohol testing technicians are highly trained and certified in the breathalyzer equipment they use. We understand the importance of getting an accurate result every time and ensure that proper procedures are followed for each and every breath alcohol test.

The Mercury uses a long-term stability platinum electrochemical sensor. This gives the device superb levels of accuracy which is the reason it is adopted by Police forces around the world.

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Workplace Drug & Alcohol Tests

Drug Testing

Our services offer a 24/7 Urgent Response Drug and Alcohol testing. Using only approved alcohol equipment, saliva and urine drug testings.

We carry a large variety of drug and alcohol tests such as:

Urine Drug Test dip cards and No step Drug Test cup:

  • 7-panel Drug Check NxStep D.O.T Urine Drug test Cup ( instant results).
  • 7, 10 or 12 Panel Generic Dip Card Tests ( results in just 2-3 minutes).
  • 6, 10 or 12 Panel QuickScreen Cup drug tests ( results in just 2 minutes).

Saliva Drug Test:

  • 6 Panel Oralert Saliva drug Test (instant results).

Alcohol testing:

  • Alco-Screen 02

~Tested and approved by D.O.T.
~fast and Inexpensive Alternative to Expensive and Bulky Alcohol Testers
~simple one-step 4-minute tests
~No false Positive

Our Qualifications:

  • Mobile Forensic Collection for Substance abuse ( D.O.T and NON-D.O.T)
  • Laboratory-based oral fluid system (saliva)
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Devices
Pre-employment Drug Testing